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Getting a Pasmo or Suica card is super helpful - it’s a prepaid cash card that you can use on any of the subway/train lines instead of buying separate tickets each time (different lines are owned by different companies). And you can even use it in some convenience stores / machine-order ramen restaurants


The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo Autograph Collection
Muji Hotel (at the top of the 6-story flagship Muji store)

Eat & do

Golden Gai
a dense area of 6 alleys with probably 100 bars each one is super tiny and has a different theme. I loved a blues bar and a literary/film bar

Cafe de l'ambre
a traditional, wood-paneled coffee shop since 1948 - one of their specialties is an egg yolk coffee

Godaime Hanayama Udon
I had a delicious cold udon/tempura bowl here. There was a long wait (you write your name on a list outside) but it was worth it

Tsukiji Market
the iconic fish market / tuna auction has moved to another location, but the external market stalls are still along the water at the old site.

Shimakitazawa neighborhood
a bit out of the way, but calmer, with tons of vintage shopping and live music venues
  • Frankie’s - Australian coffee shop
  • B+B (Books+Beer) - a bar / bookstore - I think I bought the one book in English that they carried
  • The Cage - a bar/music spot under an overpass with stalls for food and vintage clothes

Don Quijote Shinjuku Kabukichō
a chaotic, 6 story mall with everything you could want (and delicious bubble tea) … a bit overwhelming if it’s the first thing you do after the flight!

Roppongi Hills shopping center
  • Kapital - a delightful clothing store (with a few other locations) - I had to go after reading this David Sedaris article
  • Eggcellent - brunch spot
  • Mari Art Museum - a fairly small/manageable modern art museum


Signe Schloss 2019 — Brooklyn, New York